the july 28th action

8/6:  All arrestees were given a $100 fine and no record. Thanks again to everyone who made this action so amazing! Join us for the Energy Exodus at the end of August!

BraytonPt Main Photo

7/28: We are calling upon Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to shut down Brayton Point, the largest coal and gas-fired power plant in New England. Brayton Point is bad for our climate: in 2010, it emitted 6 million of tons of carbon dioxide, making it one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases in all of New England. If we are to have any hope of solving the climate crisis, we must move beyond coal and replace it with renewable energy (not gas). Brayton Point is also bad for our health. Each year, the plant spews 15,000 pounds of mercury, arsenic, lead, and other hazardous air pollutants into the air, just down the road from where children play baseball. These pollutants can seriously damage the heart, brain and lungs.

We need a just transition, which means ensuring sustainable economic opportunity for workers and the local community without sacrificing anyone’s health or the global climate.The transition will likely need to include worker retraining and financial assistance from the state to account for lost tax revenues. The specifics of any transition plan need to be determined by the plant’s workers and the Somerset community including labor, residents and officials.

Today, dozens of people will commit non-violent civil disobedience by placing model wind turbines and solar panels at the gates of the plant. Hundreds of supporters will join them. We will rally, chant, sing, march and put our bodies on the line to make sure that the world hears our message loud and clear: it’s time to close down Brayton Point.